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I ordered the wrong size shirt! Can I change it?

Have you already received your shirt and looking for an exchange?: No, we can't. We do not accept exchanges for shirts because of sizing issues. We have provided detailed sizing information on our website and on each listing. We are also available to answer any questions you may have about sizing before ordering.

Have sales ended for that month?: No, we can't. If the sales have ended for the month, then your shirt has already been ordered through vendors and cannot be changed.

Are the same month's crates are still on sale?: Yes, we can change the size. We will have to cancel your order, and refund you. Then you will need to purchase your box again with the correct size.

I'm a subscriber and I'd like to change my shirt size for future boxes:  Yes, we can do that. As long as the renewals haven't been processed, and the new box hasn't been charged yet, we can change the shirt size for you. 

We are not able to edit any order once it's placed due to our website host and for legal reasons as well. The only part of an order we can alter is the shipping address and only by request and additional information. If you made a size error in a paid for order, the only way for us to correct it is to cancel/refund your order and have you repurchase the box.

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