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I'm an eBook or Audiobook Author. How can I get included in your box?

Awesome! Please send us an email with 'Ebook or Audiobook Author' in the subject with a kindle compatible version of the book you'd like considered to thefaecrate@gmail.com . We would love to review it to see if you'd be a fit for a future box.

Here's how our eBook system works:

We ask that the Author provided us a link to download however many books needed for the month we are asking for at the time. We usually include this in our trifold with a picture of the cover of the ebook, a description and a link to download. Every 3 months we will be holding a large giveaway to people who show proof of reviewing the ebooks on Amazon/Goodreads/blogs/etc to help provide reviews and feedback to the Authors. 

Previous Authors have requested an art print from their book or some other type of swag be included instead of being listed in the trifold. We're perfectly okay with that as long as you are providing the items, and can package them together. We are always open to including supporting merchandise as we want to support the authors! That is just if you'd like something for your own as the download instead of being included in the trifold. 

We also announce the ebook included during crate sales so that anyone can be included in the giveaway. This way, our followers that are not purchasing the box for that month still have the opportunity to purchase the book for themselves and review it. 

And last but not least, we do an ebook author interview that will be put on our website's blog.

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